Qveinte VI

About Qveinte VI

QVI's Architect has graduated with BA Degree in Fashion Design and previously taken a Diploma in Architecture. 

It is their pleasure to virtually exhibit Costume & Millinery Design Conceptions from their own talents and those of his like-minded Friends & Colleagues - Individuals & Professionals of refined taste and gracious deportment. Apart from exhibiting they are also willing to integrate space and interests, to encourage The Costume Design & Millinery trade and facilitate communication and knowledge exchange for these two Exquisite Wearable Arts. 

During the years the Architect has developed various collections reffering to different ages and occasions. Some of them are devoted to Baroque and Rococo periods like 'Madrigals Of Majesty' which have seen their enthusiasm to extend the beauty of the period further while other have found their own expression in movements like 'Art Deco' and embody their spirit throughout the medium of Wearable Art. 

It is possible the Architect's conceptual works to be manually graphically reproduced for private or other purposes.

About The Title "Qveinte"

Qveinte in its use as an adjective comes from Anglo-Norman French language used in the Eleventh Century in England as the Language of English Nobility that lasted as such for several centuries and has a strong influence on legal phraseology in English. The word Qveinte has multiple meanings, among those clever, pleasing, astute, quick witted, experienced, expert.